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Science: Bee genomes take flight!

By , May 20, 2015

The bee community’s answer to the 12 fruit fly genomes…. The 10 bee genomes…. all the ACGT’s plus methylation and very cool social behaviour… take that Drosophila!  🙂 [who has Drosophila envy —> me]

My former postdoc Dr. Clement Kent and I were part of a large international effort, spearheaded by the Karen Kapheim and Gene Robinson from the University of Illinois, to sequence and study the genomes of 10 bee species that vary in terms of their social organization. The study was published in the journal Science last week. Our role was to study patterns of molecular evolution as a function of social organization and genome structure.

It was a lot of fun! The added bonus (in addition to a paper in Science) is that i am now a co-author with 50+ of my favourite bee researchers from around the world… Neat!

Anyways, check out the nice little write up on the article by TheScientist’s Ruth Williams


Amro on People Behind the Science!

By , June 9, 2014

Want to know why i got into science, and what i do when i am not in the lab…. Check out my interview for People Behind the Science! Also check out other interviews on this cool site!


Our research featured in io9 story!

By , March 7, 2014

Check out Annalee Newitz’s i09 story on our recent research

Population genomics study highlighted by Nature/Middle East

By , February 26, 2014

Happy to announce that a regional portal of the Journal Nature, Nature Middle East, published a Research highlight story on our recent honey bee population genomics study.

Amro and Clement on National TV

By , July 5, 2013

Postdoctoral fellow Dr. Clement Kent was interviewed today on CTV’s Canada AM regarding the recent honey bee deaths in Ontario.

I was interviewed later on the day on CBC’s 5 pm News in Toronto; Nadia, Bahar and Phil make cameo appearances.


Amro on Quirks & Quarks

By , December 22, 2012

Why do honey bees have hairy eye balls?
Hear the answer on the Quirks Question Show on Saturday Dec. 29, at noon on CBC Radio One.  You can also listen online here.

Amro on Rogers TV!

By , September 24, 2012

The lab will be featured on next Monday’s (7th Nov 2011) episode of “A Greener York” on RogersTV.  I talked about how to help bees by planting pollinator gardens.  The show is currently airing on TV and I’ll post the link to the online version once it is released.


Clement on CTV’s Canada AM

By , January 9, 2012

In case you missed it, Dr. Clement Kent, a postdoctoral fellow at the lab, commented on the media buzz surrounding ‘Zombie’ honey bees on CTV’s Canada AM morning show.  Check it out here.

Zayed Lab on Rogers TV!

By , November 4, 2011

The lab will be featured on next Monday’s (7th Nov 2011) episode of “A Greener York” on RogersTV.  You can view the interview online!

Clement wins 2011 Pollinator Advocate Award!

By , September 28, 2011

I am very happy to announce that Clement Kent, a postdoctoral fellow in the lab, won the North American Pollinators Protection Campaign‘s 2011 Pollinator Advocate Award for Canada.  I can’t think of a more deserving individual; By day, Clement solves the mysteries of the honey bee’s genome, and by night (and on weekends), he works to develop pollinator gardens to help save the bees, the butterflies, and the birds!  Check out the press release and video interview and Clement’s pollinator garden blog.  Clement will also be on CBC Radio’s Here and Now later this afternoon (3:30-4:30 pm EST) [click here to hear it!].  Way to go Clement!