Diversity in honey bees: Cover and Perspective

By , September 12, 2012

Our paper on the effects of management on genetic diversity of honey bees appeared in print today in Molecular Ecology – we also got the cover picture (a nice picture of a queen with her retinue of workers).  Also appearing in this issue is a very nice perspective on our research written by Dr. Ben Oldroyd from the University of Sydney Australia.  Dr. Oldroyd has been studying honey bee genetics for more than two decades, and it is a honour to have him comment on our research.

The full citation of the perspective is:

OLDROYD, B. P. (2012), Domestication of honey bees was associated with expansion of genetic diversity. Molecular Ecology, 21: 4409–4411. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-294X.2012.05641.x

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  1. Ray and Tracy Harpur says:

    Well done and very impressive. Looking forward to getting a copy.

    • Amro says:

      Will do!… were getting the fancy reprints with the cover picture (for framing, or posting on fridges all over BC)

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