The ’11 Experiment: Prologue

By , May 12, 2011

We will be embarking on a major experiment this year – the inaugural field experiment at our research Apiary! I’ve decided to run a little blog about it.  I thought it would be fun to track the course of the experiment, the researchers, and the bees! Also, our website gets more than 600 hits a month with many regulars (Hello! Brock’s Mom, and Bonsoir! visitor from Paris), so I thought some regular updates might keep our regulars happy  🙂 Finally, the blog will be Tarantino’esque (i.e. not always in chronological order… we wouldn’t want to get scooped, would we? )

So, what is the experiment about… read on to find out!


2 Responses to “The ’11 Experiment: Prologue”

  1. Tracy Harpur says:

    Hello Amro! OMG, Brock is going to be embarrased. Yes I am a “regular” to your website. Very interested in your lab’s research and the Bees, also any books you can recommend. Looking forward to your regular updates and blog…and of course anything about my son. Thank you and happy to meet you. Tracy

    • Amro says:

      Hi Tracy, happy to e-meet you too, and very glad to update you on our (and Brock’s) progress.

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