Save the bees… Kill your grass!

By , May 8, 2010

Ask not what your bees can do for your lawn, but what your lawn can do for your bees?

Pollinator gardens are a great way to create habitat and provide food for bees, butterflies and birds. ¬†With the help of fellow lab member and Supreme Gardener, Clement Kent, I am transforming my boring grass front yard to a native pollinator garden. ¬†Grass had it coming – it just sits there and does nothing, all the while consuming precious water and eating up fertilizers; don’t even get me started on the constant mowing!…

Clement, our green crusader, has setup a great blog to mark his quest in transforming Toronto’s lawns to beautiful pollinator gardens, check it out at


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  1. Clement Kent says:

    Thanks for the plug, Amro! You’re going to have the greenest front yard in north Toronto…and I don’t mean grass!

    Isn’t Canadian weather wonderful? After a month of warm weather, we are predicted to get a frost tonight…oh well, the native perennials are all frost hardy.

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