The ’11 Experiment: Boxing Day

By , May 14, 2011

May 10 – Boxing Day

Jack and the box

“Do you know how to use a hammer?” I asked
“Yes!” nodded Arash
“Great, you’ll get bottom boards!… Brock and Jack get the box, Alex and I will do the telescoping covers.”

… and so our experiment started with preparing 50 hive boxes – the future home of 50 honey bee colonies that we will setup later for our study.  The boxes are a half-size version of the standard Langstroth hive and come unassembled as 16 pieces of wood and 80+ nails per hive.

We finished them off by 4 pm, a good day ahead of schedule.  “I want you all to update your CV’s with ‘Strong With Hammer’ ” I joked over lunch.


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